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PCB Site Decommissioning

The ultimate goal of PCB owners is to have their PCB site listed as “historical” with the MOE. This means that the site number that was assigned to the Generator for a particular location is removed from the “active” site list and is identified as “inactive”.

Owners must provide data to  the MOE that confirms that there are no PCB residues in the storage containers or storage rooms that may have resulted from leakage, spillage or mishandling of PCB-contaminated wastes.

PCB Disposal can conduct the necessary sampling and analysis required to satisfy the government's decommissioning guidelines.

More information on "Site Decommisioning" (PDF)

Important Notes:

The new Federal PCB Regulations dictate that owners must comply with several requirements relating  to  "Storage" of PCBs including:

  • maximum storage periods
  • prohibitions against storage
  • exceptions to maximum storage periods
  • access to storage sites
  • inspection of sites
  • maintenance
  • labeling and reporting requirements
PCB Disposal can help you comply with the new regulations and can assist with record keeping, labelling requirements, annual reports, inventory up-dates, disposal schedules, Certificates of Destruction and final Site Decommissioning. 

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